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Venue / 場所


◆Pei Ho Street Sports Center, Sham Shui Po.   
5/F, Activity Room
北河街体育館 5/F 活動室
(Mon : 7pm - 9pm)
(Wed : 7pm - 9pm)
(Sat : 12nn - 2pm)

◆Kwun Chung Sports Center, Jordan.
5/F, Activity Room
官湧体育館 5/F 活動室

​(Thu : 7pm - 9pm)

◆Kowloon Park Open Space
Weapons class

(Sat : 3:30pm - 5:30pm)

◆Island East Sports Center, Sai Wan ho.
3/F, Activity Room.

And other sports Center.

Venue / 場所: コース
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