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​Dues / 月謝 会費


Monthly Dues & Special Packages (in HK$)

Monthly Due Payments Payable on prior to or on 1st of each month in cash.

Registration Enrollment fee $200 (first time)
Annual Membership fee: HK $ 200 (HK $ 100 enrollment after July)

Monthly Membership Dues (in HK$)

Adults – $600
Students – $500 (see note 2&3)
Children/Young Adults over 10 to below 14 – $500

Temporary we don't accept young adults below 18 years old.

Families – 10% off (see note 4)

Mats Fee (in HK$)

Aikidoists visiting from overseas dojos, $100 per session.

Visitor from other dojo in Hong Kong – $100 per session.

First week trial free. Please email prior to joining class.

Special Package for Beginners Only

New member package: 3 month training at 10% discount + registration and Annual mambership fee.


1. One time registration fee payable when student first enrolls.

2. Must be a full time student or in an undergraduate program.

3. Does not apply to post graduate students, and others.

4. For family of 2 and more, discount of 10% from total amount.

5. All payments are non-refundable.

6. As of April 2013

Dues / 月謝 会費: コース
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